Available in impregnated cotton or water-repellent polyester. The surface is scratch-resistant, so you don't have to worry about our four-legged friends' claws during training. Here, too, the many pockets make it possible to carry all the necessary training utensils. All pockets can be closed with a press stud, even the large back pocket.


Item number: 11K9W+ [Size]

Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL

Available colours: Black (P), Red (R), Beige (BE), Neon (NE)


They combine well with the K-9® Unit zip-off trousers

Size Table
Size A B C
XS 68 cm 50,5 cm 33 cm
S 70 cm 54,5 cm 35 cm
M 73 cm 57,5 cm 41 cm
L 74 cm 60 cm 44 cm
XL 76 cm 62,5 cm 44,5 cm
2XL 77 cm 65,5 cm 46,5 cm
3XL 80 cm 68 cm 50 cm
4XL 84 cm 71 cm 52 cm
5XL 86 cm 74,5 cm 54,5 cm



Ideal for those who want to have enough pockets. Finally, all the important utensils for training and working with the dog can be carried easily. Large, patch pockets on the front and a very large V-pocket on the back offer space for rewards, bite sausages and co., which can be stowed away unnoticed by the dog and brought out for a quick reward when needed. Although the short waistcoat was primarily developed for dog sportsmen and trainers, it is also very popular with photographers and hikers.

Size Table
Size A B C
2XS 62 cm 51 cm 41 cm
XS 63 cm 53 cm 43 cm
S 66,5 cm 56,5 cm 44 cm
M 68 cm 59 cm 45,5 cm
L 71 cm 63 cm  46 cm in
XL 74 cm 66 cm 48 cm
2XL 77 cm 68 cm 49 cm
3XL 80 cm 71 cm 50 cm
4XL 81 cm 75 cm 50 cm
5XL 82,5 cm 78 cm 53,5 cm


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