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Super Grip Leashes

Color & Gray® Collection - German basic materials, Hungarian design.
The Color & Gray® collection of IDC® BELT Harnesses / IDC® STRAP Harnesses developed in 2015 has the already familiar perfect lines and other advantages that improve wearing comfort. The edge of the straps is now rounded, as well as the width of the straps has been increased. This leads to a comfortable fit of the harnesses and positively influences good leash management. The handle has been reinforced. Thanks to the special cover, the rubberised leash can even be used in the rain without any problems, whether it is for walking, work or sport. The Color & Gray® leashes are made in Germany.

The Color & Gray® collection offers dog owners numerous colour-coordinated accessories (see collars and leashes).

The Color & Gray® collection is protected as a design pattern.


Available in the Colours:

Red, in the width of 20mm or 14 mm.

Blue, in the width of 20mm or 14 mm

Pink, in the width of 20 mm or 14 mm

Black, in the width of 20 mm or 14 mm

Orange, in the width of 20 mm or 14 mm

Neon, in the width of 20 mm or 14 mm


Rubberised leashes are also available as double leashes/adjustable leashes, length 2.20 m.

The mechanical strength of the materials used and the finished product have been INNOVATEXT controlled and the product has been certified by OEKO-TEX®  [link] [link]

Material: 88% nylon, 10% rubber and 2% metal