Dear customers & partners!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that counterfeit products - misusing our name - with the brand name JULIUS-K9® appear regularly, especially in the online sales areas (e.g. Amazon, eBay, OLX).
Only the original JULIUS-K9® products can guarantee the high quality expected from the brand, for this reason our company can only assume product liability for the genuine products. The brand owner is responsible only for the products distributed by the dealers whose activity is transparent for JULIUS-K9®.
The JULIUS-K9® Trademark & Patent Controlling Group acts against the misuse of the company's intellectual owners (trademarks, design protection, patents, utility model protection, etc.) worldwide.
As of May 2016, a certificate will be issued by JULIUS-K9® for the information of consumers and published on the company's websites, showing that the respective dealer is an indirect or direct partner of JULIUS-K9® selling original JULIUS-K9® products in the online sales areas.
The certificate is provided with a serial number and always includes the name of the respective sales space. The first JULIUS-K9® Amazon retailer certificates will be awarded in May 2016. You can download the list of dealers with this certificate from the page.
If a retailer sells our products without this certificate, the brand owner JULIUS-K9® cannot guarantee the originality of the products and consumer rights to the buyers. Accordingly, legal liability cannot be enforced against the manufacturer or any brand representative. We would like to point out that the customers who buy products of questionable origin are exposed to the maximum risks of the companies that distribute copies of poor quality.
First, the Amazon certificates are distributed to the traders. At the same time, the JULIUS-K9® Trademark & Patent Controlling Group acts on Amazon to oust the counterfeits and the traders selling them. Our goal is to protect the good reputation of Amazon and JULIUS-K9®.

Your K9 Tierbedarf Supplies Team


Dear customers,

as a distributor of JULIUS-K9® we sell the innovative IDC® Power Harness® and IDC® Webbing Harness as well as other high quality products of the renowned manufacturer. It is very important to us that you observe the correct handling and functioning of these dog supplies. We therefore ask you to follow the operating instructions as well as the videos in the respective product groups on our website. This will help to avoid accidents or damage caused by improper use. In case of non-observance, neither K9 Tierbedarf GbR nor the manufacturer Julius-K9® assume responsibility for the consequences.

IDC® harnesses: Handling and determining the size
Instructions for handling the harness and determining the correct harness size can be found here. Under the link below you will also find detailed instructions for use:

Measuring correctly
In order to choose the right size dog harness, it is essential to measure correctly. We measure the dog's chest circumference about four fingers behind the front legs, where the strap will later go under the belly.
Attention! A consequence of choosing the wrong size, attaching the dog harness incorrectly and/or using the dog leash incorrectly can be that the dog frees itself from the harness or collar. JULIUS-K9 accepts no liability for any damage resulting from this.