The cowhide leashes stand out as...

Leather Handsewn

The cowhide leashes stand out as traditional, genuine saddlery, are equipped with comfortable handles and have a long life with proper care. 100 % handmade.

The fat leather leashes are available in widths of 10 mm, 13 mm and 16 mm. 

The training lines with double metal carabiners are available in 13 mm x 2 m (code: 1422L) and 18 mm x 2.2 m (code: 1822L).Comfortable grip, long life. Traditional, strong, stitched leash made of bull leather. Genuine saddler work.

Thanks to the two snap hooks and 3 sewn-in D-rings, the length and function can be varied as desired. The leash is hand-sewn, very strong, durable, light and yet aesthetic. It can be used with all harnesses and collars. The two carabiners allow a length of 200, 160 or 125 cm to be adjusted.

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