IDC® Safety and Comfort



Chest Girth

Weight of the dog

Baby 1

29 - 36 cm

0,8 - 3 kg

Baby 2

33 - 45 cm

2 - 5 kg


40 - 53 cm

4 - 7 kg


49 - 67 cm

7 - 15 kg

Size 0

58 - 76 cm

14 - 25 kg

Size 1

63 - 85 cm

23 - 30 kg

Size 2

71 - 96 cm

28 - 40 kg

Size 3

82 - 115 cm

40 - 70 kg

Size 4

96 - 138 cm

70 - 90 kg

Please note:Instructions for handling the harness to determine the correct harness size can be found here:

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The IDC® power harnesses® offer 100% freedom of movement. This has been confirmed in extensive tests. More information at: To choose the right size dog harness, it is essential to correctly determine the measurement. The dog's chest circumference is measured four finger widths behind the front legs for sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, or two finger widths for sizes Baby1 and Baby2. 

Measure the chest circumference where you want the strap to go correctly. Choosing the correct size will ensure maximum freedom of movement while protecting the neck and shoulders. 

General Information: The IDC® Power Harness is perfect for busy days, early morning walks and safe locomotion. A harness you can put on in one motion and rely on every time.

 Efficient power transmission, efficient control 

We optimized the IDC® Power Harness for the force applied to the dog. The chest strap is placed parallel to the leash in your hand and can therefore transfer the force you exert in the most efficient way. This means you can back or stop your dog, if necessary, with less effort. The wide chest strap and optional chest pad distribute the force across the chest for your dog's best comfort. 

Professional dog equipment 

Not only for professionals 

Reliability and durability are ensured by the shatterproof buckle, the use of excellent materials and the careful handcrafting. The IDC®Powerharness's reflective elements ensure high visibility, the premium OEKO-TEX® certified lining ensures high product safety, the practical accessories provide versatility, and the interchangeable Velcro patches allow for customization. 

The IDC® Power Harness® is the most successful dog harness in Europe.  It shines with a harmonious aesthetic experience and practical utility value. All JULIUS-K9® and IDC® products are registered and patented as utility models and in design. The JULIUS-K9® inventions are based - like most patent protected known inventions in the world - on the further development or perfection of the products, according to the current state of the art. Many people are working to develop the dog harness into a perfect product. The dog harness shines with its many functions and expansion possibilities. Thus, the harness serves visibility (through bright colors, fixable lights, luminescent leashes), safety (resilient buckle elements and top quality of European materials), the extremely practical handle (for short holding or supportive lifting of the animal), for fixing side pockets (transport of materials) and the simple but ingenious handling by the pet owner. Another recipe for success with IDC® power harnesses are the unique well-known Velcro logo slogans, which make it possible to convey information, such as "Police Dog" or appeal to people's emotions, e.g. "Heartbreaker", "Cuddle Cheek", among others. 

Since the 1990s, the IDC® power harness has been very popular with a wide variety of units (police squadrons, German Armed Forces, rescue dog units). Initially, the service dog harnesses were labeled with such inscriptions as POLICE, ARMY, RESCUE DOG, SEARCH DOG. Later, when more and more private people purchased the IDC® power harness, the inscriptions changed such as COOL MAN, MINE IS BIGGER, MACHO, MAMAS LIEBLING, etc.

As with many other well running products, there are unfortunately also with the successful IDC® power harnesses enough envious and imitators, who provide with their plagiarisms for unrest, quality losses and many legal disputes. For this reason, a reliable, competent product and working group was established, which has been aiming at the trademark protection of the products for approx. 5 years and has thus helped this brand to its high exclusivity and quality through registrations/patenting and innovative further developments and will continue to do so. We ask our customers to always look for the ORIGINAL "JULIUS-K9®" if you value good quality, long durability, high wearing comfort and safety. 

1. water repellent Surface: IDC® dog harness surfaces are made of water repellent material, so the harness can't soak water heavily and doesn't need very long time to dry.

2. Elastic Lamp Holder: The elastic lamp holder makes it possible to fix small rod lamps with different diameters. The lamp holders are made of the best quality German basic materials. The lamp holders can be used with the side pockets at the same time. This is especially important for rescue and search dogs, as well as for service dogs working in the dark. But also for the walk in the evening, the lamp holders are ideally suited, if you want to see exactly where your dog is, or the dirt road is so better lit. This is for safety.  

3. side pocket Fixation: The side pockets are available in versions of 3 or 4 liters, which can be fixed to larger power harnesses (0-4). This is a JULIUS-K9® development from 2000. In 2013 we introduced the smaller universal side pocket, which with its volume of 0.25l is an excellent container for personal documents, the vaccination book, cell phone and reward snacks and can be attached to all harness sizes.

4. light reflective chest strap and light reflective edge decoration: One of the most essential functions of IDC®- Power Harnesses is that it also serves safety (as a visibility vest). The gray stripe of the chest strap and the edge decoration of the dog harness are made of light-reflecting material. So the multiple of light falling on it will be reflected back.

5. perfect ergonomics: Thanks to one of the main developments of IDC® power harnesses, the line fit of the chest strap to the dog's body is ergonomic perfection. The load distribution is concentrated on the chest. The tensile force does not rest on the neck and neck vertebrae, but is distributed evenly over the chest muscles.

6. velcro logo inscriptions /side inscriptions: One of the JULIUS-K9® developments (2009) is the multiple interchangeable JULIUS-K9® logos/side inscriptions that can be attached to the Velcro side panels of the harness.

7. the secure grab handle fixation: Quite characteristic for the IDC® dog harnesses is the grab handle. The handle fixation is a JULIUS-K9®- development from 2009. For free running dogs the handle (and/or the middle ring) is fixable for safety reasons! There are four ways to use the rubber tab with the push button on the new IDC® dog harness: You can lock just the center ring, just the handle, both of them, or none of them. In the case of the other harness sizes, the handle can be closed with Velcro. This can avoid the danger of getting caught and stuck.

8. breathable, skin-friendly inner lining: IDC®Power harness is a dog harness made in Europe with first-class materials. The high product safety is guaranteed by the OEKO-TEX® certification of the inner lining and straps. The OEKO-TEX® is a textile industrial material that meets the strict ecological, chemical and European standards. It is very gentle to fur due to its texture. The material is made of: 90% nylon, 8% cotton, 1% metal and 1% plastic.

9. unbreakable fixation buckle: The resilient buckles are sewn to IDC® dog harnesses only after regular inspection and testing. The excellent quality is primarily seen in the winter months. Even in freezing conditions, the buckles function largely flawlessly.

The black IDC® dog harnesses are also available with additional safety buckle.


Sebó Gyula "Julius" developed this additional Velcro closable safety buckle in 2004 for service dogs. This practical accessory can increase the load capacity of the belly belt buckle by about 60 kg of pulling force. Since 2013, these IDC® harnesses with safety buckle are in constant use e.g. by the London Police.

Registered Community design

The mechanical load capacity of the materials used and the finished product was controlled by Technische und Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Universität Budapest


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