The IDC®Power Harness is...


The IDC®Power Harness is perfect for busy days, early morning walks, and getting around safely.

A harness you can put on in one motion and rely on every time.


Efficient power transmission, efficient control

We optimized the IDC®Power harness for the force applied to the dog. The chest strap is placed parallel to the leash in your hand and can therefore transfer the force you exert in the most efficient way. This means you can back or stop your dog, if necessary, with less effort. The wide chest strap and optional chest pad distribute the force across the chest for your dog's best comfort.


Professional dog equipment

Not only for professionals

You can recognize dog harnesses made in Europe by their well thought-out and robust design. The light-reflecting elements and the unbreakable buckle ensure safety, the skin-friendly lining ensures comfort and the useful accessories provide versatility. All our harnesses are equipped with phosphorescent Velcro labels. These are interchangeable and you can choose from more than 1000 patches or custom inscriptions. Reliability and durability are guaranteed by the choice of first-class materials and careful handwork.

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