IDC-Powerharness with Side Ring


IDC® Power harness with side rings


Größe Brustumfang Gewicht des Hundes
M / Größe 0 58 - 76 cm 14 - 25 kg 
L / Größe 1 63 - 85 cm  23 - 30 kg
XL / Größe 2 71 - 96 cm 28 - 40 kg 
2XL / Größe 3 82 - 115 cm  40 - 70 kg 



European handmade

We have added side rings in place of the inscriptions so that your dog can pull sleds or so that you can securely fasten it in the car.




For fastening in the car, a seat belt adapter should be attached to each of the rings on both sides. Furthermore, we recommend that you use a chest pad with the dog harness, this can prevent the dog from slipping out of the harness, furthermore, it can prevent the forces that occur when braking and making turns. This harness by its structure is not suitable to absorb the forces that occur in accidents with collisions with large forces and the inertia of the body. For such purposes, you should use a special harness that surrounds the dog's body in full length.


The mechanical strength of the materials used and the finished product has been checked by INNOVA TEXT. Tested German harness.


Color: Black - Sizes: 0,1,2,3

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