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IDC® POWAIR Geschirre

IDC® Powair Summer Harness

 The perfect choice for the hot days!

One of the novelties of JULIUS-K9® in 2020 is the IDC® Powair summer harness, which is the super light version of the usual shape. It is made of special mesh material, which is why it is extremely breathable and keeps your dog comfortable, even in the greatest heat. Thanks to its material, it is very light, yet it has the usual high durability. 

Feel free to get it wet if you want to cool your dog down, because that's what this harness is for! For sizes S, M, L and XL, even a sponge filled with water can increase the cooling effect. When you take the harness off, it dries quickly. 

With the exception of the size 3XS and 2XS harnesses, all IDC® Powair summer harnesses have a handle that you can easily grab if control is needed. The cool colors bring summer cheer, and the Velcro labels let you customize the harness with a flick of your wrist.  

Thanks to the 3D textile layers, the IDC®Powair is the most breathable harness JULIUS-K9® has ever created. 

JULIUS-K9® has developed an entirely new layering principle for the IDC®Powair to make it lighter while maintaining the extreme tear resistance of classic IDC® power harnesses. 

Buy it together with the IDC® Powair leash to be even more stylish! 

Made from 100% certified OEKO-Tex material.

Size Chest Circumference Weight of the dog
3XS 29 - 36 cm 0,8 - 3 kg
2XS 33 - 45 cm 2 - 5 kg
XS 40 - 53 cm 4 - 7 kg
S 49 - 67 cm 7 - 15 kg
M 58 - 76 cm 14 - 25 kg
L 63 - 85 cm 23 - 30 kg
XL 71 - 96 cm 28 - 40 kg


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