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Tested and recommended by K-9® Search Dog Centre / Alexandra Grunow 

The leash name 'LUMINO®' was developed/inspired by the process below: In luminescence, light energy (sun /lamp) supplied from outside is absorbed by the leash material and re-emitted as pure light without heat emission in the dark. We also speak of afterglow! A very short afterglow as a direct result and accompanying phenomenon is called FLUORESCENCE (note: as soon as the light energy source goes out, the fluorescence disappears), whereas PHOSPHORESCENCE describes a longer afterglow after excitation. 

The outstanding feature of the Lumino® leash is its ability to phosphoresce/glow in the dark. The leash needs to be charged with light for a longer period of time for it to afterglow. The period of afterglow depends on the duration and intensity of charging. The strong polyester fabric is encapsulated in a silicone-like material and has proven itself in a variety of stress tests. It is water-repellent, very tensile and non-slip in the hand, easy to clean and can also be disinfected.

LUMINO® leashes are available in lengths of 0.8 - 15 m, each with or without a loop. 

Available in the following colours: Red > R, Sun > SN, Pink > PN, Aquamarine > AM, Black (without colour code!). 

Additionally we offer: a double lead (2,20 m), article number: 216DP-colour, a paddock for 2 dogs (75 cm) item number: 216KO-colour or a short lead (35 cm) item number: 216KF-colour


Patent registration number: DE202011101381U1, U11 00015, U12 00025, EP2976945 

Glow-in-the-dark equipment ensures good visibility and can thus save lives. 

The red IDC® Lumino® leash is phosphorescent, with a luminous blue stripe in the middle. 

The fancy name 'LUMINO®' was inspired by the term luminescence / luminescent, it means the light emission of bodies with low temperatures.

One type of this is the phenomenon (photoluminescence) where we speak of the emission of light after previous light emission

1. immediate emission of light after the immission of light: FLOURESZENZ

2. delayed emission of light after the immission of light: PHOSPHORESZENZ

Products tested

The mechanical strength of the materials used and the finished product has been checked by ((Textile Engineering and Testing Institute Co.).