IDC Longwalk Harness

IDC®Longwalk - The Joint Gentle


44-60 cm
28-40 cm
7-12 kg
49-66 cm
38-46 cm
9-15 kg
56-76 cm
38-54 cm
14-20 kg
66-86 cm
43-60 cm
18-25 kg
70-90 cm
50-65 cm
26-33 kg
80-96 cm
55-70 cm
32-41 kg

Instruction manual:

The discoveries where you take your time, the unforgettable adventures and excursions are experiences where all the vibrations between you and your dog are significant. That's exactly why we developed the DuoFlex® joint-friendly system, which we have integrated into the IDC®Longwalk joint-friendly harness for you and your darling. Make those long walks together even more comfortable!

We have optimized the IDC®LONGWALK dog harness for comfortable and sustained use, focusing on freedom of movement.

Based on our scientific research, we have found that when walking on a leash, the organism of the dog and the master/smoker is exposed to several thousands of smaller and larger pulling movements almost every second. The micro-vibrations transmitted by the leash originate, among other things, from the natural movement of the dog and the human. These can have long-term damaging effects on the joints of the dog and the owner.

In the IDC®LONGWALK dog harness, there are built-in flexible elements in three places that track even the smallest movements and are activated gradually depending on the force of the pulling movements. The DuoFlex® Microvibration Absorption System is designed to protect joints and maximize freedom of movement. The aim of the unique system is to dampen the smaller or larger pulling movements acting on the dog and human, thus protecting the joints.

The new development ensures that the IDC®Longwalk harness does not bother the dog even during long walks.

No matter what breed of dog you have, the IDC®Longwalk harness is adjustable for any dog. We made sure that the harness can be quickly and precisely adjusted to the dog's figure and size thanks to the Velcro fasteners. If chosen well, there is no need to buy a new harness when the dog is still growing. Also, you can expand the harness size by changing the chest pad to make it fit. We consider the variability and cleaning important, so you can separate the IDC®Longwalk dog harness into two parts. The lower chest pad usually gets dirty faster, so it is advisable to separate it from time to time and clean it separately. Since it is sold separately, you can easily change it in case of emergency.

Material: 27% polyamide, 24% neoprene (synthetic rubber), 16% polypropylene, 11% polyethylene, 9% metal, 9% PVC, 3% silicone, 1% nylon, 

Main features

Built-in elastic elements, at three points of the harness
Easy to put on, with the help of buckles placed on both sides
All straps are adjustable and you can open them
Pockets and lamp holders are secured at the saddle part
Light-reflecting and glow-in-the-dark (phosphorescent) elements for better visibility
Replaceable harness inscription on the saddle part
Unusual shape and colors direct the attention to the harness