Size Table 


Dog Outdoor for not freeze

Size Table
Size Chest Girth Length of the vest
Baby 1 30-35 cm 19 cm
Baby 2 35 - 44 cm 30 cm
XS 43 - 53 cm 33 cm
S 51 - 64 cm 40 cm
M 60 - 71 cm 46.5 cm
L 70 - 82 cm 49 cm
XL 70 - 90 cm 57 cm

Effective protection on the cold days. The soft, waterproof, elastic material of the IDC® neoprene dog coat hugs the dog's body. The neoprene material with tiny air bubbles guarantees the excellent thermal insulation. It is a comfortable clothing for the dog. The fluorescent and light-reflective elements ensure the good visibility. It is very easy to put on: it is fastened with two strong Velcro straps on the chest and under the belly. 

Sizes Baby1, Baby2, XS and S for smaller dogs are produced with D-ring, sizes M, L and XL are produced without D-ring.The interchangeable inscriptions can also be used with this product; for the neoprene dog clothes the small inscriptions (110 x 30 mm) are suitable.

Attention. In dogs prone to allergy, the equipment in direct contact with the skin may cause irritation of the skin, although the basic materials used by JULIUS-K9® do NOT contain irritant components. In case of allergic symptoms, the equipment should be taken off after the walk, washed by hand, disinfected and dried regularly. Should the skin irritation recur, a veterinarian should be consulted if the allergens are avoided.


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